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Medmerry – A huge new nature reserve

Right next to Medmerry Park, between Selsey and Bracklesham, the Environment Agency has created the largest managed realignment of the coast anywhere in Britain, which is a  major asset for all our visitors. It is called Medmerry.

Managed realignment is where major new sea defences are built inland and the existing shingle bank is breached, allowing a new intertidal area to form.

The Medmerry Development

The Medmerry scheme’s overriding objective is to greatly improve the standard of flood protection for over 300 homes in Selsey, for the water treatment works, and for the main road into Selsey.

The scheme has also create important new wildlife habitat, extensive new footpaths, cycleways and bridleways for you to enjoy, right on the doorstep of Medmerry Park.

The new reserve, including habitats both seaward and landward of the new sea defences, will are managed by the RSPB, who already own the Bracklesham Bay Nature Reserve just south of Medmerry Park.

There’s plenty to see now as the scheme is created, and by next year there should be stunning new access and views for you all to enjoy.

Further information:

RSPB: 01273 775333

e-mail: southeast@rspb.org.uk



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